5th May 2017 Poll Results

The giant Tory lead continues to be steady and stable, with our poll this week showing it at 18-points over Labour, just one down on last week. The Tories do drop a point, now sitting at 46%, with Labour steady on 28% for the third ICM poll running and as it was last Sunday.

Figures for publication are:

Con 46% (-1 on last Sunday)

Lab 28% (nc)

LD 10% (+1)

Green 4% (nc)

UKIP 8% (nc)

SNP 4% (mc)

PC *% (nc)

Oth *% (nc)

If the headline figures are not miserable enough for Labour, their apparent capitulation in their own key marginals continues to look like a real prospect. On this poll the Conservatives lead in such places by 19-points – slightly out performing their national share –  putting them on the highest figure yet we’ve seen in these crucial constituencies. This would imply wipe-out for Labour, losing to the Tories by such a margin according to these numbers that Theresa May would return to Downing Street armed with an overall majority of at least 132 seats.

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